Buyer’s Journey Provisions

Visitors come to the Internet looking for information.  They may think they have a need but aren’t sure.  You want to attract them to your website early in their search.  Snag them before they start looking for vendors …  and then hang on for the balance of their journey. In an earlier blog we described […]

How to attract prospects to your website

To attract prospects and customers to your website you must be ready to inform them.  But who will they be?  What information will they need?  Without doubt you have an idea of what type of person would come and what would interest them. Your idea would be based on your actual customers and your target […]

What is the Buyer’s Journey?

The buyer’s journey is like a seller’s sales funnel but from the point of view of the buyer.  The buyer’s journey differs depending on the complexity of the problem.  Buying a book is different than buying a Wi-Fi network for your home, office or plant.  For discussion’s sake we will assume moderate complexity.  Consider the […]

Six Steps to Creating Outstanding Content

Creating outstanding content can seem like an arduous task, especially when you commit to doing one blog every week and you haven’t prepared your next.  But breaking the task into several smaller steps makes it achievable. Creating outstanding content is a process with several steps: • How do I choose worthwhile content topics? • How […]

Blog Posts Require Images to be Read

A blog post is not complete by itself: you must know how to add images to attract attention for it to be read.  Marketing experts write continually about the importance of great content and that is absolutely true.  But your post won’t get clicked without an attention-grabbing title and an eye-catching image.   "Desk Writing" (CC […]

Easily Find Irresistible Blog Topics

Keep the search for blog topics in the back of your mind.  Record possible topics when you are: Reading the newspaper and see mention of something that is important to the industry that you serve. Scanning industry publications. If you agree with the opinion  being discussed note why.  If you don’t agree also remember why. […]

Finding New Customers with Inbound Marketing

Reaching more prospects and finding new customers is the primary challenge of every small business.  How to find them, how to get them to listen to your story and how to make them your customer.  Inbound marketing is an excellent solution.  Inbound marketing can answer questions for prospects as they search the Internet.  They are […]

Keeping Websites Fresh Pays Off

Fresh is important to fruits & vegetables, laundry, ideas and website content. One of the great things about hotels is slipping into bed at the end of your day and feeling fresh sheets. While glancing through a newspaper or magazine you occasionally find a headline shouting out an idea that demands to be read and […]

The Yellow Pages Alternative, Digital Marketing

Need a yellow pages alternative?  Many of us grew up using the Yellow Pages when searching for a product or service.  Need a new tire? Painter? Electrician? Plant yard?  We automatically reached for the Yellow Pages.  It never failed to provide a list of businesses to call to learn about their offerings.  Some merchants would […]

How Often Should You Update Your Website

Stale Websites Turn Off Visitors Question:  How often should you update your website by adding content to it and your social media pages?  Answer:  As often as necessary to meet the needs of those looking for current information.  Remember, your website and social media pages are there to serve customers and prospects. Restaurants and similar […]