Finding New Customers with Inbound Marketing

Reaching more prospects and finding new customers is the primary challenge of every small business.  How to find them, how to get them to listen to your story and how to make them your customer.  Inbound marketing is an excellent solution.  Inbound marketing can answer questions for prospects as they search the Internet.  They are […]

Keeping Websites Fresh Pays Off

Fresh is important to fruits & vegetables, laundry, ideas and website content. One of the great things about hotels is slipping into bed at the end of your day and feeling fresh sheets. While glancing through a newspaper or magazine you occasionally find a headline shouting out an idea that demands to be read and […]

The Yellow Pages Alternative, Digital Marketing

Need a yellow pages alternative?  Many of us grew up using the Yellow Pages when searching for a product or service.  Need a new tire? Painter? Electrician? Plant yard?  We automatically reached for the Yellow Pages.  It never failed to provide a list of businesses to call to learn about their offerings.  Some merchants would […]

How Often Should You Update Your Website

Stale Websites Turn Off Visitors Question:  How often should you update your website by adding content to it and your social media pages?  Answer:  As often as necessary to meet the needs of those looking for current information.  Remember, your website and social media pages are there to serve customers and prospects. Restaurants and similar […]

Design for Mobile First

Why design for mobile first?  Google announced earlier this year that mobile devices were used more often than desktops for searches.  That’s not surprising really, since our smart phones are always at hand.  A quick search when just a little information is required is easy and convenient with a smart phone.  And when your business […]

Small Business, Websites and Social Media

SMB Digital Marketingbudgets can start small –   SMBs most effectively compete with large companies through personal relationships and personal service.  But SMBs must also be innovators, staying current with trends in the industry where they specialize.  Their customers count on them to offer main stream products and services at fair prices but also to bring fresh […]

Why Use Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing Provides Cost Effective, 24 X 7 Information – Examples of Inbound Marketing Websites:  Websites are the most recognized type of inbound marketing.  A good website will answer many questions.  Like what’s your telephone number, hours of operation, physical location, and range of products sold.  An excellent website can convince a prospect to contact […]

What is Inbound Marketing

Mind Your Online Presence – Inbound marketing or digital marketing is the promotion of businesses or products via one or more forms of electronic media.  It includes use of websites, email marketing, video marketing, social media and others. It provides 24 by 7 exposure for a small or medium sized business for a modest investment.  […]