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We began talking with an author, whose website contained only ordering information.  She wanted to update her website so that she could add a blog.  Selling books was important, but more importantly, she felt the need to get God's word out to her readers.  She wanted them to feel what she felt as she wrote her daily devotional.

She also wanted to increase her exposure on the web.  We created a Facebook page with a shortened version of her blog that would act as a "teaser" and get people to go to her website to read the whole blog.

This approach worked well, and soon her readership had quintupled.

gingerhurta.com      Facebook

Recent Digital Marketing Projects - Pathways of Faith

When a visitor arrives at your site he is looking for information about a product, a service or an idea.  You must immediately capture and hold his attention.  Interesting, inviting design causes him to pause and look further.  The graphics and text makes him believe that the site may have what he is looking for.

Another client came to us with the need to design and develop a website to use as a resource in gaining Kickstarter funding for a book project.  His project was intended to provide evidence that a Higher Power can be an important part of beating addictions.  He would solicit real life stories from those who had kicked alcohol and drug abuse addictions through acceptance and belief in a Higher Power.




Babies Favorite Daycare had researched their market and knew that there were many working Moms in their upscale neighborhood.  These Moms were looking for a small, in-home daycare center; something other than the large, commercial daycare center.  The website's playful home page, photos of the inside of the home and a page featuring the experience of the staff all contributed to receiving inquiries and follow-up visits. 

We told them that a start-up needs to use every channel available to publicize its business and attract customers.  We worked on their Search Engine Optimization to increase the traffic to their website.  We also suggested a Facebook page and cross-linked it with their website.  Finally, we encouraged them to join a trade organization where they could further gain visibility.  Soon Babies Favorite Daycare had reached capacity.

BabiesFavoriteDaycare.com    Facebook