Website Creation

Website creation should be the first step in building your online presence.  Your website provides a digital home for your business that YOU control.  You may have numerous Social Media pages, but they will all link to your website.

The reason?  Your website is where visitors turn into prospects. Visitors can’t buy your products on YouTube, or Facebook, or LinkedIn.  However, on your website they can make a purchase if you have an online business.  Or give you information about themselves that will help you qualify them as a lead. 

In the early days of the Internet, designers spent a lot of time speculating on what you wanted and needed.  Often we made assumptions about your visitors’ interests.  We took two to three months to build the website and didn't  expect to revise it for several years.  We left it up to you to blog regularly and keep visitors returning.

Let's Get Online Quickly

This is still the case for many designers.  However, research shows your investment should be made in getting online quickly and then analyzing your visitors’ interests.  Track them as they move about your site.  Where do they spend their time?  Is there a point where they leave your site?  That's a candidate for a rewrite.

We believe that we should meet your basic requirements when a website comes online, but over time together we will add and make revisions based on demonstrated interests. You create the site for your visitors, after all.

So instead of having to make a significant investment up front, we ask that you make a smaller investment and go online in three to four weeks.  Finish design and development and begin to see what your visitor wants to learn about.  Many tools are available now to analyze where visitors spend time on your site.  Which pages do they read thoroughly and which pages do they skip over?  What is their demographics?  How do they navigate the site?  From this information, we will be able to focus on visitors’ interests and give them the content they are looking for.

If you already have a website, we will freshen it and make sure the underlying technology is current.  Once it is back online, we will monitor visitors' interests and add content accordingly.

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