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Digital marketing helps your small business sell through websites, social media, blogs and video.   Small business digital marketing brings visitors to your website, coaxes them to stay and converts them to live prospects.  Interesting, useful content is the key to inbound marketing.

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Digital Marketing, an Essential Investment

Your plans must include digital marketing as you compete in business today.  Websites and social media are the keys to making prospects aware of your business. 

People come to the Internet to find information about products and services that they need.  They come to your site to learn about your products and services.  As they progress toward their buying decision provide them with all the material they need.  Your website design and the content it provides must make a lasting impression on your visitor.

But if your website doesn't fully support mobile devices you are missing out on most of the Internet searches.  Google announced earlier this year that mobile devices were used more often than desktop computers for searches.  It is easy to use a smartphone for a quick search while something is on our mind.  If your website is not easy to comprehend in that first search you will have missed an opportunity.

A social media site tells your story in a lighter way and is a necessary part of your digital presence.  It is a perfect place to post short clips of information, more frequently.  It is an ideal place to use graphics, photos and video.  It provides a place to feature stories about your customers and your employees.

And both require content.  Content that speaks to them.  Content that answers their question.  Content that demonstrates authority in your industry.  The images may catch their attention but it is content that causes them to stay.

Digital Marketing - how else can you make customers aware of what's happening in your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?