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Digital Marketing: Guiding Your Business in the Cloud

Website Creation

Your website is your business home on the Internet and the key to digital marketing.  Just as your office is a place to welcome customers and prospects, your website will welcome visitors and invite them to stay for a while.  Exploring your website must be interesting, easy and intuitive so that visitors can find answers to the questions that brought them to your site.

Content Creation

Visitors to your site are looking for useful information that answers their questions and makes them more profitable.  They appreciate the graphics and the stunning colors you chose but they came expecting to learn.  With your creative content, you can demonstrate that you have the solutions.  But you must do it comprehensively to prevent them from moving on; clicking on another website; another solution.

Social Media

Social Media works in concert with your website.  It often tells your story in another, lighter way.  It is a perfect place to post snippets of information, frequently.  It is an ideal place to use graphics, photos, and videos.  Social Media provides a place to feature stories about your customers and your employees. It is also a good way to drop tips with a link to your website to more completely answer questions.
Videos that attract attention and hold people on your site.  Including design, script, videotaping, and publication.
Search Engine Optimization
Eye-pleasing design, meaningful content, well-researched keywords form the basis of our SEO.
Content Creation
Identify your visitors, anticipate their questions, keep them reading from page to page on your website.
Web Design
Eye-catching design, logical navigation, convincing Call-to-Actions, motivating landing pages.
Information Architecture
More than digital marketing and lead gathering; integrate your website into your business.
Business Consulting
Experienced with business in multiple industries; will focus on what’s best for your business.

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