Bringing Qualified Leads is What We Are All About

More Qualified LeadsI started BT Digital Marketing to help small business owners learn how to use the Internet to improve their businesses.  Successful small businesses have strong direct sales people and want to increase sales' productivity by providing prospects for them to work with.  The Internet is an effective way to deliver qualified leads.

On the Internet, attractive websites are a necessity.  Social media pages broaden your exposure. If properly designed the two will work off of each other.  But both must have great content to convert a visitor to a prospect.

I have a background in both sales and technical IT with years of business experience.  With this business experience, I fully understand and identify with other businesses.  I am confident that I can do the same with yours.  Over the last four years, I have been constantly applying my marketing skills and look forward to working with you.  I can help create websites, social media pages, and videos to help you Find Qualified Leads.

Testimonials from happy clients -

I hired Bob for a variety of copy and content writing tasks over many months and his work was all-around spectacular and adaptable.

Gregory Diehl

Market Fit

We like the way you changed our Donations page and have updated our content.  The SEO updates have increased our traffic and made the community more aware of our services.

recenter Houston

Thanks for all your help with wording and SEO. 

Blessings to you,

Ginger Hurta

Author of Good Morning, God!