Create a Video Script That Ranks on Page One

Don’t Shoot – Without a Video Script Even accomplished public speakers, work from a script.  They want to make sure they cover all of their important points, in sequence, with the right tone and wording.  And no Hollywood producer would think of working without a movie script.  But with video, a script is even more […]

How to Create Inexpensive Marketing Videos

Many small and medium-sized companies want to create inexpensive marketing videos. They correctly believe that videos are more likely to attract a visitor’s attention than blog posts. Since businesses create over two million blog posts daily, it is very difficult to get to page one on Google.  So, let’s give video a try. It’s expensive […]

Are you ready for HTTPS encryption?

Are you ready for HTTPS encryption? What will your visitors think if they arrive at your site, you have not implemented https encryption and the address bar looks like this?   Most visitors will think – RUN! According to Emily Schechter, Google Chrome Security Product Manager, this is what will happen starting in July 2018 for […]

Content Writers, How to Dictate Creative Content

In my last blog, I talked about the features and advantages of mind mapping. Mind mapping lets you remove some of the pressure of creating content by permitting you to merely doodle notes about your content.  Dictation allows you to take Mind Mapping another step forward. Mentally, turn your mind mapped doodles into sentences and […]

How to Use Mind Mapping for Content Creation

Mind mapping is an approach to writing that frees your brain to go wherever it wants.   You utilize brainstorming, but just by yourself.   I first begin mind mapping with a clean sheet of paper and a pencil. The technique is to put the primary topic of the content in the center of the page, and […]

Reduce Costs, Retain Control of Your Website Project

“website” (CC BY 2.0) by medithIT   Preparation is the key to reducing costs in creating or refreshing a website.  The website is for your business, you must retain control of your website project. You know your business best and you need to be prepared to guide the developer.  The first meeting is important in setting the tone […]

Need Ideas for Blog Topics ?

Everyone needs help with blog topics now and then. It’s not easy to come up with a new topic every week. Where can you find that kind of information? That kind of inspiration? After all, your content has to attract new sales leads with helpful information.  And it must be current so that it relates […]

Create Content Using Long Tail Keywords

  As people do Internet product research, their queries get more and more specific as they approach their buying decision.  These queries use long tail keywords: long tail because of the way they appear on a graph. Do you use long tail keywords when you do a Google search? Think of the last product search […]