You Can’t Manage your Business Without a Marketing Plan

All businesses need to prepare a marketing budget.  Small businesses need a budget just as much as large ones since they have less money to work with.  But a budget by itself is not enough.   A business must have a marketing plan to meet its objectives. Many businesses allocate a percentage of revenue to their […]

Use Electronic Mind Mapping for Content Creation

Electronic mind mapping techniques help you organize your thoughts in an outline before assembling them in a document.  For visual learners, mind maps offer an overview of how a document might be put together.  You can move thoughts around before you commit them to paragraphs.   You can share the mind map with team members and […]

Create a Video Script That Ranks on Page One

Don’t Shoot – Without a Video Script Even accomplished public speakers, work from a script.  They want to make sure they cover all of their important points, in sequence, with the right tone and wording.  And no Hollywood producer would think of working without a movie script.  But with video, a script is even more […]

How to Create Inexpensive Marketing Videos

Many small and medium-sized companies want to create inexpensive marketing videos. They correctly believe that videos are more likely to attract a visitor’s attention than blog posts. Since businesses create over two million blog posts daily, it is very difficult to get to page one on Google.  So, let’s give video a try. It’s expensive […]

Are you ready for HTTPS encryption?

Are you ready for HTTPS encryption? What will your visitors think if they arrive at your site, you have not implemented https encryption and the address bar looks like this?   Most visitors will think – RUN! According to Emily Schechter, Google Chrome Security Product Manager, this is what will happen starting in July 2018 for […]

Why Should You Use Video Marketing?

Call (713) 291-0048 Internet Visitors Love Video Storytelling Whether in social media, website pages, blogs or even email; video is devoured daily.  Across the spectrum video marketing will expand exponentially in 2018,  And why not?  Videos are designed to tell a story, and everyone loves a good story. You can use video storytelling in many […]

Ready to Move to Video?

Video marketing opens a whole new world of opportunities for digitally marketing your company 1. Use a short introductory piece on your homepage above the fold. Use it to introduce your website, your business and what you can do for your visitors. They will appreciate the quick overview that your video provides. You should appear […]

Content Writers, How to Dictate Creative Content

In my last blog, I talked about the features and advantages of mind mapping. Mind mapping lets you remove some of the pressure of creating content by permitting you to merely doodle notes about your content.  Dictation allows you to take Mind Mapping another step forward. Mentally, turn your mind mapped doodles into sentences and […]