You Can’t Manage your Business Without a Marketing Plan

All businesses need to prepare a marketing budget.  Small businesses need a budget just as much as large ones since they have less money to work with.  But a budget by itself is not enough.   A business must have a marketing plan to meet its objectives. Many businesses allocate a percentage of revenue to their […]

Does a Small Business Owner Really Need to Blog?

Blogging takes a lot of time and is an easy task to postpone.  There seems to be no short-term payoff.  Does an SMB owner really need to blog? The answer is YES for the following reasons – A well-written blog post helps establish credibility There is a lot of noise on the Internet.  Two million […]

How to write content to give visitors what they want

Your website could have outstanding graphics and excellent content, but if it doesn’t attract visitors or (as importantly) impress Google, the website has little value.  And it won’t attract visitors if it doesn’t give visitors what they want.  Sam Walton used to say “Give customers what they want and a little more.  If you do […]

How to Use Mind Mapping for Content Creation

Mind mapping is an approach to writing that frees your brain to go wherever it wants.   You utilize brainstorming, but just by yourself.   I first begin mind mapping with a clean sheet of paper and a pencil. The technique is to put the primary topic of the content in the center of the page, and […]

To Curate Content or Not

Should you curate content by including links to other blog posts with additional information about a topic?  The Internet is all about sharing content, isn’t it? Or should you not curate content by not including any external links from your website?  Should you avoid the risk that your reader follows a link but does not […]

e-mail You Can’t Resist

Do you have two or three email authors whose e-mail you can’t resist?  You know they have something to sell you.  There will be buttons to press that tempt you.  Graphics that tout the latest and greatest offer.  But you also know there will be valuable nuggets of information.  Or bits of humor.  Or stories […]

Save Money, Build a Minimum Viable Website

Venture capitalists in Silicon Valley invest huge sums of money in tech startups building new products. To improve the likelihood of a return on their investment the tech industry developed a methodology called Minimum Viable Product or MVP. MVP is a strategy for avoiding development of products that customers do not want. The idea is to […]

It’s So Easy to Update Your Website

So it’s been a while since you’ve worked on your website? Perhaps you have been focused on sales and there’s been no time. Maybe you took time off to add a product line, merge with a competitor, expand to another city. But now things have settled down and you are ready for the challenge: it’s […]

What is Internet Marketing

Tell Your Story Online Internet marketing (sometimes called inbound marketing or digital marketing) is used by many small and medium-sized businesses to promote themselves via  electronic media. It includes the use of websites, email marketing, video marketing, and social media. Because Internet marketing is relatively inexpensive, it is ideal for small businesses.  It provides 24 […]