Creative Content – Why People Come to the Web

Visitors to your site are looking for information. They appreciate the graphics and the stunning colors you chose but they came expecting to learn something. You have an opportunity to show them that you are an expert. With your creative content, you can demonstrate that you have the solutions. But you must do it comprehensively to prevent them from moving on; clicking on another website; looking for another solution.

How to Organize Your Creative Content

Most people start their online search for a product or service with a search on Google. At this early stage, they want to remain incognito, they don’t want to be bombarded with sales copy.   Now is the time to build your standing with them. Layout your thoughts on a piece of paper, move them around on the paper using arrows.  Ensure that your writing will flow – move logically from one thought to the next.  Then transfer that organization to your website.

Use the following ideas as a guide for creative content:

  1. Your writing must be of high quality.  Think about the questions that your readers must have.  Write the questions out.  Research them and see what others may have to say.  Organize them as they might come into the mind of your reader.  Lead him through the text.  Pose the question and then answer the question in your own words.  Eliminate the fluff; let your thoughts stand on their own.
  2. As you research the questions think about the overall theme of the questions.  Think how your reader might phrase his query in a Google search.  What word or phrase summarizes the questions?  Make sure you answer possible questions and then hold on to these words and phrases because they can become your KEYWORD or KEYPHRASE.
  3. Write in the same language as your reader speaks and write in the third person.  Make your words, sentences and paragraphs move the reader smoothly through the page.  Make one sentence so interesting that he can’t wait to read the next.
  4. Make your writing fresh.  As you do the research, what do you find to be the latest issues facing your reader?  Be sure to cover these since your reader may not have considered them but will certainly thank you when you answer them in advance.
  5. Organize your creative content into three or four main topics or pillars. Just as pillars support a building, pillars will provide the framework for your website.  You will build your website on these pillar or cornerstone pages.  They should each contain 800 to 1000 words so that you fully cover the topic. Later as you write blog posts you will find the pillars provide fertile ground for blog topics.  As you create new blog posts create links from a pillar page to your blog post.  In this way, you provide greater value for your reader and to make sure he finds all of your content.  Linking from the blog posts back to the pillar is also a good idea.  Following these links will remind your reader of all of the nuances of your content and increase its value to him.

Have you noticed that I have used the pillar strategy with this website? My pillars are the services I offer: Website Creation, Social Media Page building and Content Creation. And at the bottom of the page, I have links to complimentary blog posts.

Keep Your Content Fresh

Content needs to be fresh – it’s important to regularly update the content on your site.  The web is a living, breathing thing.  Everyone else is adding fresh content, raising new issues, asking and answering prospects’ questions.  You should be too.  Improve your already awesome page with even more questions and well-developed answers.

Adding more current news is not difficult.  Make sure it engages with your target audience and is interesting enough to hold your visitor’s attention.  You are the expert.  Let your readers know your opinion.   You can update your pillar page or write more current news in a blog post with a link from your pillar page to your blog post.

If you find it difficult to create the fresh content that you know is essential, talk to us.  We will be happy to share ideas with you.  It is perfectly OK to update your blogs and pillar pages, just don’t change their title or URL.

Most people in business don’t have enough time to run their business much less create content for their website and social media pages. We will work with you to create content that will keep visitors returning and you can learn the how-to’s in the process.  Read the blogs below for more ideas.  (See this example of linking from pillar page to blog post?)

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