Expand your audience; try using Social Media

So now that you have your website up and running it’s time to move on to social media. But wait, why social media? Social media provides additional exposure for your business. With so much being published on the Internet now, it’s very difficult for your website to be found through just direct search. Social media […]

How Often Should You Update A Website

You want to keep your website fresh, but how much is enough?  When you should update a website. This post discusses what you should do to update a website regularly and what you need to be careful in doing. Updates range from minor to major: Establish a blog and add content to your site by […]

Selling is Problem Solving

Selling is Problem Solving Did you ever think about being in the solution business?   You know that really is the case.   If there were no problems to solve then there would be no sales.  If no one had a problem, you wouldn’t be in business.  Selling is problem solving.   Who Has the Problem The […]

Start Small with Continual Improvement

A new approach is making major changes in how we build websites.   The approach has several names.  In this blog we will call it Start Small with Continual Improvement or simply Start Small.  The Start Small strategy is to build a minimal website; but one that will meet current needs.  Implement it, then begin monitoring how people […]

Tell Me Again, Why Do I Need a Website?

 Committing to a website is a lot like marrying your (girl/boy) friend. There are tremendous benefits but it involves a significant commitment.  Before you say I Do answer these questions: 1. What purpose will the website serve for the business?Will it be passive, advertising-display oriented?  Is it a tribute to the owners of the business?  […]

5 Ways to Upgrade Your Website for Fall Web Marketing

If the National Football League teams just finished their OTA’s can Fall be far away? Will your business be ready for an upswing in business?  Now is the time to upgrade your website for Fall! 1.  Get Organized for Web MarketingIf your business slowed down this summer, now is the time to think about preparing your […]

Beating the Summer Slump

A child’s favorite season is Summer.  Sports camps, swimming lessons, trips to the beach are anticipated by children all year long.  And best of all no homework.But Summer can be a dreaded season for small business. Prospects are on vacation. Every email seems to get an out-of-office reply. Calls go unanswered. But as a small […]

Buyer’s Journey Provisions

Visitors come to the Internet looking for information.  They may think they have a need but aren’t sure.  You want to attract them to your website early in their search.  Snag them before they start looking for vendors …  and then hang on for the balance of their journey. In an earlier blog we described […]

How to attract prospects to your website

To attract prospects and customers to your website you must be ready to inform them.  But who will they be?  What information will they need? Without doubt you have an idea of what type of person would come and what would interest them. Your idea would be based on your actual customers and your target market.  […]

What is the Buyer’s Journey?

The buyer’s journey is like a seller’s sales funnel but from the point of view of the buyer.  The buyer’s journey differs depending on the complexity of the problem.  Buying a book is different than buying a Wi-Fi network for your home, office or plant.  For discussion’s sake we will assume moderate complexity.  Consider the […]