e-mail You Can’t Resist

by | May 19, 2017 | email

Do you have two or three email authors whose e-mail you can’t resist? You know they have something to sell you. There will be buttons to press that tempt you. Graphics that tout the latest and greatest offer. But you also know there will be valuable nuggets of information. Or bits of humor. Or stories you will make time to read.

Don’t resist! Follow these authors. Keep opening their email. Learn from them. And while you are learning begin building your own email list.

E-mail is Under Your Control

E-mail is one of the digital marketing tools, but it is the only one that you control 100%.  Google is constantly changing their search methods.  Keeping up with their latest changes to maximize your appearance in search results takes a lot of effort.  Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media introduce changes to optimize their sales of ads.  And something that you found very effective earlier on Facebook will often be negated by one of their changes.

Website optimization is a never-ending task.  But this week’s email can have an immediate impact on your reader and … you control it completely.

You control the list, the delivery schedule, and the content. One e-mail’s impact isn’t intended to be long-lasting. You will send another next week. And if trends change you can change too.

A List is a Must

Remember how you started getting Facebook likes?  You told your family and friends about your page.  Wouldn’t that work for your list?

Take some time and create an email that tells friends and family why you are starting to send email regularly.  Hopefully, it’s because you have something important to say.  Let them know about your plans, include their addresses and then press SEND.

Invite them to forward your email to their friends and family and put your address on the CC or BCC line.

After this initial manual building of the list, review the email marketing services available.  All have different pricing models and all offer unique services.  Each of them will have a trial period where you can see if they are right for you.

MailChimp is a popular service and is free as long your list doesn’t exceed a certain level.  But AWeber and Constant Contact are popular too.