Easily Find Irresistible Blog Topics

by | Jul 14, 2016 | Content Writing

Keep the search for blog topics in the back of your mind. 

Record possible blog topics when you are:


  • Reading the newspaper and see mention of something relevant to the industry that you serve.
  • Scanning industry publications. If you agree with an opinion discussed, note why.  If you don’t agree also remember why.
  • At an industry conference and a speaker, program note, casual conversation uncovers a gem that you can blog about.
  • When telling your significant other that you had such a hard day at work, why was it hard?  How did you overcome the obstacle?  The pain you overcame could become an excellent blog topic.
  • Having a conversation with a customer who has a problem that he came to you to resolve. Other customers and have undoubtedly struggled with the same problem.
  • You were talking with an employee who comes to you for advice about an issue that came up. Can this issue or a related one give you the topic you need?
  • You think back over your career. What happened along the way that would be interesting?  Focus primarily on the problems you solved.

Don’t let the blog topics escape

Blog topics can come to you at anytime.  Be prepared.  Carry a small notebook to jot down the topic.  If you use Evernote on your phone, create a notebook to hold your topic stash.  Include any ancillary ideas that can help in developing the topic.  Add the frame of mind that you were in when the topic arrived.

I am one of the many people who believe that our subconscious mind continues to operate when we go to sleep.  Try reviewing some of the recent blog topics you’ve come across.  Let your subconscious mind continue to work while you are asleep!

Have you ever begun a query in a search engine and it anticipated your question?  Try that using general industry terms to start the query.  Try variations on the terms.  Bingo!  Click on an article to get content ideas for the topic.

Try some of these suggestions.  You soon will find that blog topics are continually coming to mind.  But don’t trust your mind to remember.  JOT THEM DOWN.