How Often Should You Update Your Website

Stale Websites Turn Off Visitors

Question:  How often should you update your website by adding content to it and your social media pages?  Answer:  As often as necessary to meet the needs of those looking for current information.  Remember, your website and social media pages are there to serve customers and prospects.

Restaurants and similar businesses might have a daily need to update.  Most businesses can update weekly or maybe even semi-monthly. Business to Consumer (B2C) businesses will likely update more often than B2B businesses. If you have a new product or service, you will want to time content update to coincide with the announcement.  Adding a key employee is another opportunity to highlight your company and your team.  Content updates should coincide with addition of a new product line.  You may want to promote a service because of a new season (e.g. summer and air conditioning checkups).  Ask yourself what is about to happen that a current customer or new prospect might want to know.

Businesses often find that a blog page gives them a place to talk about happenings in their industry.  Economic changes, governmental regulations, technological breakthroughs are possible topics.  These topics give a business owner a chance to show that they have thought about a solution for the issue.

Certain types of website software make content changes easier. A CMS (Content Management System) is one of these.  If your website was built with a CMS it is quite possible that you or a staff member can make necessary content changes.  When you make a change make sure contact information, location and hours are correct.  Updating the website may also provide a convenient time to change photos and other graphics.

When should you do a complete website replacement?

You should consider a complete replacement of your websiteupdate your website to keep content interesting if just updating content will no longer meet your needs. The reason for this could be technological.  Maybe your customers are  moving to mobile devices for Internet access and your website does not support mobile devices.  Or it may be that new website software may be so attractive that a website will be replaced to take advantage of it. (Like moving from non-Content Management website software to development software incorporating CMS).

If your business has had major changes it may be easier and more cost effective to replace your website.  Starting fresh is often preferable to adding pages; changing navigation and still winding up with an old design.  Completely replacing the website will give the changed business a brand new look.


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