How to Create Inexpensive Marketing Videos

by | Jun 19, 2018 | Video

Small businesses need to create videos

Many small and medium-sized companies want to make inexpensive marketing videos. They correctly believe that videos are more likely to attract a visitor’s attention than blog posts. Since businesses create over two million blog posts daily, it is hard to get to page one on Google.  So, let’s give video a try.

It’s expensive to hire a video company to create marketing videos. But you do a lot of other things for your business, why not make videos yourself? You can create inexpensive marketing videos. I will teach you the steps in this blog.

Use your smartphone to make videos

Today’s smartphones with their improved cameras shoot excellent videos. I’ll talk in this blog about the iPhone X, but Android phones have equally good optics. Whichever phone you choose, you will need a tripod to hold the camera steady while you shoot your video. Some people use a tabletop tripod, but sometimes a table is not available, and it is certainly not portable. Spend a few extra dollars and by a full-size tripod. There are several reasonably priced, high-quality tripods available with attachments to clamp your phone firmly in place.

An introductory video first

I recommend making an introductory video for your first video.  Here you can welcome your visitors to your website and let them learn something about you. After all, every business is people buying from people. I like to put this video, about a minute in duration, on the home page just under the header, or on the About Us page, if you have one.

You can make a video by creating and memorizing a script, or by just talking off the cuff. Whatever your choice,  do not make this a commercial. You should give information about yourself and your company but give your visitor something she can use too.

You can talk about the “why” of your product or service and the “how” to use it. Now your visitor has an idea of your personality and believes you are an expert in this field.

If you create a script I suggest you type it and then read it as you would deliver it. We often talk differently than we write and this is a chance to make sure the content reflects how you speak.

Read Your Script Without Anyone Knowing

Phone with Visible Script

I prefer working with a teleprompter and a script. When creating a video there are enough things to remember without memorizing a script. I found Video Teleprompter Premium by JoeAllenPro Limited that I use and like. It sells for $14.99 on the Apple App Store. Using this software you create the script, load it up to Dropbox and then download it to your smart phone.

You use the iPhone with the front camera facing forward in a horizontal position. Once loaded, the script runs on the screen next to the camera lens so that as you read, it appears that you are looking directly into the camera. You can control the size of the characters and the speed that the script rolls by. You may have to make several attempts before you get the recording to roll at the pace you wish to speak, but it’s easy.

A lapel mic is the only other equipment that although not really required does improve the audio of the recording. I use the BOYA BY-M1 that will work on smart phones or DSLR cameras. It clips on to the subject’s lapel or shirt and has a 20-foot cord with a 3.5 mm plug, plenty of cord to work with. The mic plugs into the 3.5 mm audio jack on many smartphones but requires an adapter to fit the iPhone X ’s lightning connector. The mic is available on Amazon for about $16.00.

Ready, set, Action!

That’s all you need: camera, tripod, lapel mic and script. Now find a place in your business where you can record. Make sure the clutter is cleared away, you face the light source, your mic is on, there is no background noise, your camera is on its tripod and Action!

But wait, there’s more!

There are more blogs coming:

  1. Writing a script and shooting the video
  2. How and where to host the video
  3. How to make a movie from your video
  4. And last but not least, promoting your video

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