Need Ideas for Blog Topics? Talk to Sales

by | Sep 28, 2018 | Content Writing

A well-written blog post helps establish credibility

Everyone needs ideas for blog topics now and then. It’s not easy to come up with a new topic every week. Where can you find that kind of information? That kind of inspiration?

After all, your content has to attract new sales leads with helpful information.  And it must be current so that it relates to the latest customer concerns.  You must demonstrate thought leadership. But where can you find that kind of help?

Let’s review:

  1. Who talks to your customers and prospects every day?
  2. Who knows what customers like about your services?
  3. Who hears about their pain points?
  4. Who know the stated or conscious reasons our customers buy?
  5. Who knows the unstated or unconscious reasons they buy?
  6. Who may have ideas for blog topics?

Top Sales Performers, of course!

Savvy marketers know that salespeople interact on a daily basis with the same customers that marketing is trying to reach. They know that a top performing salesperson knows the conscious and unconscious reasons that customers buy. The conscious reasons are good to know but the unconscious ones are priceless.

With this information, you can craft your message to appeal to your prospects. Salespeople also know the stages in the sales funnel (aka the buyer’s journey in marketing parlance) and how to appeal to the prospect as they transit through the funnel. If you had this information you could target your blog topics to buyers all along their journey.

But wait, there’s more. Top salespeople are a walking encyclopedia about their competition. They know competition’s strong points and their weaknesses. And, how to describe your strengths to best compete. Wouldn’t that be good information to have as you create your message?

And finally, top-performing salespeople understand your customers spending priorities, decision-making processes, and goals. Wouldn’t this give you an unfair advantage in building your marketing message? And give you enough topics to increase the frequency of your weekly blog post to semi-weekly?

Invite a salesman to lunch to talk about their ideas for blog topics

When was the last time you invited a salesperson to lunch or coffee?

When was the last time you asked them to tell you about their best customer?

Their newest prospect?

When did you last talk about what you could do for them?