Social Media Marketing, Another Way to Reach Prospects

Social Media Marketing works in concert with your website.  It often tells your story in another, lighter way.  It is a perfect place to post snippets of information, more frequently.  It is an ideal place to use graphics, photos, and video.  Social Media provides a place to feature stories about your customers and your employees.

First Your Website Blog

We will first work with you on a blog for your website.  This accomplishes three things:

  • It enhances the content of your website to improve Google rankings.
  • It gets you into the discipline of building creative content.
  • We will put an excerpt, a teaser, of your blog post with an image on Social Media with a link that points to your website. This will build traffic to your website and make Google happy.

Working together we can establish a voice or tone for your blog.  We will also work on a list of topics (see my blog on this) and then continue to build your site to attract leads for your sales staff.  (see Inbound Marketing)

Our first step in writing will be to define your target audience.  We want to write for your visitors from their point of view.

Think about how you search for information.  Now think of one of your customers and how he may search for information.  What are his key interests?  What pain is she trying to relieve?  As we write we want to answer the questions they have on their mind.

Then, Social Media Marketing

When we feel comfortable with creating content on your blog we will discuss social media sites.  We will want to concentrate on just one site to start.

Each social media page has its own rules for creating, maintaining and enhancing your brand. Trying to learn all of these tips for multiple sites would be a challenge.  And although we will start you off, eventually you may choose to do this for yourself.

If you are a Business-to-Consumer operation we will suggest Facebook, Instagram and perhaps Pinterest. These social media sites are all oriented to businesses who sell to consumers. If you sell primarily to other businesses we will suggest Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Whatever Social Media we decide on, we will design the page, write the content and add graphics to suit your business.  If you like, we will write some of the early posts and then hand it off to you.  With help, you can become a social media expert in no time.

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