Why Should You Use Video Marketing?

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Internet Visitors Love Video Storytelling

Whether in social media, website pages, blogs or even email; video is devoured daily.  Across the spectrum video marketing will expand exponentially in 2018,  And why not?  Videos are designed to tell a story, and everyone loves a good story.

You can use video storytelling in many parts of your business.  Obvious ones include how to use a new product, how you are unique in providing a service and how your support group offers exceptional service.

Product Development Videos

But what about explaining how your new product came to life.  Tell about the needs you recognized, how you researched other features, how you refined the early models and why your new product is better than any other similar product on the market.

Assist Customers with Service Parts

One of the most challenging areas for manufacturers is handling service parts for their products.   Think about how you might easily support customer queries for service parts.  How-to videos are all over YouTube.  Why not a how-to video that breaks one of your products down to the component parts.  Add diagrams to the video with the parts identified, and you should be able to reduce support calls and give customers improved service.  And there are significant margins in service parts when handled correctly.

Video Testimonials

Think about using videos as testimonials.   Ask one of your most satisfied customers if she would be in a video testimonial talking about your product or service while at the same time letting viewers know about her company.   Prospects love to hear about the experience of your customers. We are all in people to people businesses, and your customers praising you is especially effective in a video.

Videos build trust.   Trust in your company as you discuss the experience levels of your staff. Trust in your standing behind your products or service when they see and listen to you in the video.  You are a real live human, not some abstract text on their screen.  With video marketing, you can explain everything.   Viewers can see what you’re talking about and your voice and gestures can answer their questions, even subconscious questions.

Video is Perfect for Mobiles Users

Mobile users love video.  At the last count, Google reports that nearly 60% of searches now come from mobile devices.  Even with a smaller screen, video answers their questions readily since both visual and audible senses receive the response.  And it can include some humor not easily added to text.

Google times the duration of a visitor’s stay on your website.  The length of a visitor’s visit is a good indication of the value of your page and videos encourage visitors to stay longer.  Researchers say that Google awards higher scores if your visitor remains two to three minutes while viewing or reading your content.  Above all, Google wants visitors using their search engine to find value in the pages they reach.

Use Video at Every Stop on the Buyer's Journey

Video can move your buyer along the Buyer’s Journey.  As you know that there are three stages in the Buyer’s Journey - Awareness, Consideration, and Decision.  A video should be an integral part of each of these stages.

  • An upbeat video can grab the attention of someone first trying to see what your product is all about. It could use animation or a playful character to describe the product and its promise.
  • When the visitor becomes more interested descriptive videos can answer his questions as he considers its features and value to him or his company.
  • And finally, if you deliver the product online, a video can move him to a decision by recounting features and benefits.

Somewhere along the line, probably at the awareness stage, you should get information about the visitor so that if he fails to purchase now, he can receive follow up email in the future.  Make plans now for creating videos to guide your prospect through the buyer’s journey.

Videos are not Hard to Create, Use Your Phone

While this hasn’t been an exhaustive list of the reasons to use video marketing, there should be enough to get your creative juices going.  Don’t think that creating the videos would be difficult and you don’t know how to do it.  Think of the one place where video would bring the maximum return and GO FOR IT!

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